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Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Vehicle polution

Vehicle is important to modern people for almost years. The favorite one is car or motorcycle. But, did you know they have negative effect to body. Yes, their smoke (exhausted) is very dangerous. It contains so many harm particle. One of them is CO2 or carbon dioxide. We have to aware to reduce step by step using car or motorcycle. Bicycle is one of alternative save and friendly vehicle to environment. Save our fresh air by prefer to choose non petroleum vehicles. Change our habits to health and cheap vehicle. Do not wait until vehicle polution kill you body. Greening your world seriously.

Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Global Warming damage human life

The effect of decreasing forest is global warming where earth heat increase to high level.
This situation is a seriously threat for any living in the world.
So lets make a small thing to prevent hard damage to our earth.
For example shut down the computer after finish work. Went out the lamp and economical usage of electricity.
Perhaps we will see our next generation live in green world.

Water and Forest being cannot live without water. Water is the most basic need in life. We need it everyday and every time. Can you imagine live without water? No body can't imagine that. So it is the reason why does water become basic element for life. Most of human being body is shaped from water. In daily life we also can't far from water.
Bathing, cooking, washing and almost our daily life always and need water exactly.
Spring water is one of kind water that always used by human being in their life. Especially to drink, cooking and bathing. We can't separate spring water and forest. Why? Because forest is the home of spring water. Forest change rain water become spring water inside the soil. That why we have to love and care to forest. Keep hard effort to make green our forest every day. Avoid for illegal logging and be aware that spring water will be expensive thing someday if we can't keep our forest. Go and keep spirit to green our world.